Dynamic Trilogy is now geared in service excellence and trade professionalism with the vision of positioning the company as a strategic partner of choice and catalyst for excellence.

Our Team

Dynamic Trilogy Team

Single Operation Group

At Dynamic Trilogy, we aim to provide quality of premier service deliverance. Therefore our Single Operation Group (SOG) is managed by only qualified Security Executive/Operations Specialist to not more than 36-39 security personnel. Such streamlined establishment allows our SE/OS to focus on attending to clients’ facilitation and needs with adequate abilities to also manage the welfare and needs of their respective security officers.

Operation Centre

Dynamic Trilogy Operation Centre (D-TOC) is the central nerve that actively functions round-the-clock, ensuring our entrusted assignments with readied executive support towards any incident/assistance, on any occasion. The crew of D-TOC is committed to provide unwavering and uncompromised standards to ensure the stakeholders and the security officers of every facilities with strong, resourceful and smart support through the contracted period.

The D-TOC shall also ensure consistent and continual monitoring of the organisation via internet protocol cameras installed at various location of granted premises for added monitoring service. The D-TOC also conducts regular situation report (sit-rep) checks and occurrences log to all required premise.

Crisis Management Methodology

Dynamic Trilogy has recently formed and commissioned a Crisis Management Team (CMT) spearhead by the company’s Managing Director to deal with special situation that threaten to harm our Clients’ organisation. The CMT body consist of existing (mid to high) managers of the company’s operation staffs. The Operation Centre houses the CMT duty officer to monitor and initiate of the following types of incidents;

Tier 2 (local)

Situations that occur on specific location, premise or area such as electrical ‘black-out’, technology catastrophe, employee unrest, emergency evacuations etc.

Tier 1 (National or Cluster Warning Issuance)

Tiered 1 situation encompass national crisis in nature and they are larger scaled classification encompassing outbreak of pandemic to terrorist threat scenarios. Tier 1 situation is generally in-line with the National Risk Classification of Category Bravo (B) and above.

During the management of crisis, the CMT maintains close communication with all clients’ designated representatives to ensure implementations are in accordance to respective policies and that constant updates on changes and progress are duly channelled for all in concern.