Dynamic Trilogy is now geared in service excellence and trade professionalism with the vision of positioning the company as a strategic partner of choice and catalyst for excellence.


Induction Programmes

Induction Programmes

Dynamic Trilogy conducts site induction and on-the-job training for the assigned security guard-force, including relief officers’ prior to the contracted deployment date. This is to ensure that only approved security officers inducted & qualified on site are deployed to carry out their duties efficiently from the start and through the contractual period.

In addition, all officers’ particulars are to be supplied to the facility management for personality and professional qualification approval before they are allowed to begin site induction. Designated project managers shall ensure that the taking / handing over duties by the security officers at every change of shifts are carried out with no disruption to the facility’s daily routines.

Training Programmes

We provide additional and special training sponsorships to all deserving officers and staffs based on performances and knowledge-gap attributions relating to their field of work (without binding bonds or contracts). Because we believe that the essence of optimum performance relies on the belief of values & reasons and therefore, education is a vital beneficial incentive we do not over-look.